Frequently Asked Questions

I see your current class is full, or is already finished. How do I find out about the next one?

The absolute best way is to follow Hoop Elation on Facebook, as well as sign up for the somewhat monthly email newsletter (below). The latest information will come out through those two channels as soon as it's available.

What are other ways I can experience hoop dance in Madison?

Hoop/Flow Madison gets together just about every Sunday at the Madison Circus Space from 6-8 pm in the winter, and once a month in the summer. The flow jam is $5 drop in, and not only are all ages welcome (with adult supervision), but absolutely no experience is necessary. There are plenty of hoops to share if you don't have your own. The group is very friendly, and you are encouraged to ask questions and share knowledge, so everyone can get better together. There's also a very active Hoop/Flow Madison Facebook group.

Other groups meet in Madison and throughout Wisconsin too, and information can be found on the Hoop Madison- Other Groups page. Information about other hoop dance teachers in Madison can be found on the Hoop Madison- Instructors page. We are so lucky to have such wide range of options in Madison!

What is hoop dance, and why do I want to learn it?

Hoop dance invites creative expression through the use of a hoop. It starts from within, and takes you on a journey. Practicing hoop dance allows a person to step outside of the daily routine into a circle to find balance and creativity and a joyous experience. It’s great to be open to all of the possibilities that life has to offer, and I believe that hoop dance can be a teacher in this regard.

So what is the difference between a Hula Hoop and a hoop?

A Hula Hoop is the plastic toy made by Wham-O that you are probably familiar growing up with as a child. However, Wham-O has registered and trademarked the name Hula Hoop. Therefore, hoops are everything else! A hoop can be made from black poly tubing, polypro, HDPE, and lots of other materials. Hoops are usually handmade and made to size, and can be decorated with a variety of beautiful tapes, left bare, or painted.

How did you learn all of those tricks?

Through a lot of different ways, but mainly by going to classes, workshops, and hoop gatherings myself. I like to learn hooping in person, and fortunately a lot of fantastic instructors have come to Madison, and participate in the hooping retreats that I go to, and a variety of regional, national, and international flow events. I learn an incredible amount just by going to hoop jam frequently and being inspired by my fellow hoopers. One great resource full of tutorials and photos is plus there is an enormous amount of cool hoop stuff on YouTube and Instagram.

Did you have prior dance experience before hooping?

No. But I've always loved music.

What's the history of hooping? Why do people hoop?

Wikipedia has a great section on hula hoops and hooping, which you can read about here.

How do I get a hoop in Madison?

The best way to get a hoop is to make your own! It’s inexpensive and a fun project. 

As for buying a hoop, head over to the Hoop Madison- Buy Hoops Locally page to find people who sell hoops in Madison.