The Story

Danielle Lee began hooping in 2004, when a friend shared a hoop with her at a party in college. She has been enraptured with hoops and hoop dance ever since.


Right away, Danielle knew that her goal was to spread hooping to as many people as possible. In 2006, Danielle started her first hooping company, Hula Hoopla, to sell her custom handmade hoops online. The idea was to provide the "thing" that helped people to hoop. It became so popular that she was hardly able keep up with her engineering classwork, and even sold one that made its way to Gwyneth Paltrow's hips.

But Danielle wasn't as enthusiastic about building and selling hoops after a while. She missed connecting with people. So she went back to the drawing board on how she could most effectively share her passion for finding happiness in hoops.

The answer, of course, was to teach hoop dance, and to build hoop community in Madison. Instead of giving people "the thing," Danielle began giving people "the tools": the confidence and the resources to discover the joy of hoop dance for themselves. Hoop Elation was born!

Danielle went to Santa Barbara in 2008 to become a Licensed Level 1 HoopGirl Workout Teacher and immediately began teaching in Madison, and hosting weekly hoop jams. Her charisma and positivity help to not only bring out the hoop dancer in each and every person, but have been the keystone for today's thriving Madison hooping community, which was voted Community of the Year in by in 2014. Danielle is also a founding member and current board member of the Madison Circus Space.

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Danielle continues to be a technical person interested in solving problems, especially around hoops. While in college, she explored the engineering side of hooping and designed a rack to transport hoops on a bicycle, and built a prototype that won several awards. Work is underway on an updated prototype.

She currently spends her day time working in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) building maps and performing spatial analysis in water resources. When not hooping, Danielle enjoys bicycles, gardening, her wonderful husband, live music, and hiking.

About Hoop Elation

Hoop Elation, LLC is owned and operated by Danielle Lee. All web site design and photos are property of Danielle Lee except where otherwise noted and are protected by a Creative Commons License. Hoop Elation is a Wisconsin Registered Trademark.


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