Let Danielle come to you! Here are the workshops she is currently teaching. Get in touch if you’d like Danielle to teach at your event or in your city. Any workshops open for registration will be on the Classes Page.

  • Jump Through Breakthroughs

    Class Level: all levels
    Prerequisites: none

    One of the best things about jumping through the hoop is the feeling of floating, if only for a moment. But then there's also the immediate sense grounding that happens as you reconnect with the earth. We will joyfully explore jumping and grounding, as well as learn a load of dynamic moves: the cheerleader jump through, the swing back jump through, the under-the-leg jump through, and more!

  • Break It Until You Make It

    Class Level: intermediate
    Prerequisites: waist hooping is a must, and having experience in shoulder hooping is helpful

    Breaks are an excellent way to add rhythm and punctuation to your hoop movement. Whether you are just beginning to find break points and want a solid foundation, or are a break collector like Danielle, this workshop will tighten up your technique and leave you with new ways to send the hoop in the opposite direction.

  • Sustained, Explained: Adventures in Sustained Spinning Hooping

    Class Level: all levels
    Prerequisites: none

    Hooping with a sustained spin is not only a way to add grace and beauty to your flow, it's also a conceptualization of movement to creates shapes in space by rotation. We'll learn several spinning techniques, ways to work through dizziness, and ideas for shape creation with one to four hoops. When fully done with spinning, we'll finish with a grounding exercise.

  • Do More With Your Four

    Class Level: intermediate to advanced
    Prerequisites: vertical plane hooping in the hand, on both sides

    Join the quad squad! Hooping with 4 hoops on your arms is not only a crowd pleaser during performances, but it’s also a template for creative movement. We’ll start from the beginning and learn how launch and sustain 4 hoop arm movement, and then explore reversals, z-spins, and folds. When our arms are completely tired, we’ll conclude with some additional four hoop shapes. Please bring a set of four hoops that are the same size, or two sets of twins are also fine if you don’t have a quad set (yet!).

  • Shoulder Hooping
    Class Level: all levels
    Prerequisites: waist hooping

    When Danielle first started hooping in 2004, giant irrigation tubing hoops ruled the world, so shoulder hooping came naturally. Now that we live in a hoop world dominated by smaller and lighter hoops, on body shoulder hooping is sometimes forgotten. No more! Learn or refine how to bring the hoop from your waist to your shoulders and back again, how to sustain shoulder hooping with powerful body positioning, and take home some interesting variations.  

  • Hooping 101
    Class Level: all levels
    Prerequisites: none

    This class is perfect for people just starting to learn how to hoop. No experience necessary. You'll learn waist hooping, lifting the hoop from the waist to above your head and back, hooping in the vertical plane, and more!