See what past students are saying about learning to hoop with Danielle!

I went searching for a dance class and this was SO much better! Great energy and truly supportive teaching style geared to individual abilities and interests, combined with super fun group exercises for new skills to build on. Can’t wait for more!
— Lisa from Madison, Madison Public Library Circulation Staff
Danielle’s teaching style exudes optimism and enthusiasm. Her encouragement gives you the drive to try anything, and to be fearless about trying.
— Kim from Madison, Software Developer
No other class or hobby has made me feel so free and peacefully happy. I was blown away by Danielle’s ability to teach us tricks and make us feel comfortable!
— Laura from Madison, Student
This class was fabulous! I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short time! Danielle makes everyone feel so comfortable and confident. The atmosphere of the class is really fun! My favorite parts were hooping with blindfolds on, and off-body tricks. Loved it!
— Justine from Albuquerque, Art History Professor
I loved every part of the class! I learned a lot of new tricks, met neat people and felt better at the end of each class. Danielle is a very positive person who has a contagious smile. I would definitely take another class with her again and would recommend her class to others.
— Andrea from Madison, Hairstylist
What an awesome class! I’m a naturally shy and self-conscious person and Danielle created a safe and encouraging space for me to let go and explore and celebrate. The tricks and techniques were fun, but the best part was just learning to move with hoop and discover that I could actually dance. Thanks Danielle!
— Carey from Madison, Administration Program Specialist
Danielle is one of the most positive people I have ever met. Being in her hooping class lifted my spirits and was the highlight of my week! Can’t wait to show off my new tricks this summer!
— Megan from Madison, Occupational Therapist
Danielle made this such great experience. She is a wonderful instructor and made the class so safe and enjoyable. I learned more than I dreamed possible. Her kindness, generosity and enthusiasm were infectious! I will miss my Tuesday night getaway.
— Sue from DeForest, Teacher
Once I was there it was nothing but fun and I was so glad I went. It is obvious Danielle puts a lot of thought and energy into her classes. Totally enjoyable.
— Marla, Nurse