Intermediate Hoop Dance- March 2018 Session

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Intermediate Hoop Dance- March 2018 Session


Wednesday Evenings for 5 Weeks
March 21 - April 18
7:15 - 8:30 pm

at the Madison Circus Space
2100 Winnebago Street, Madison, WI

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Danielle is now teaching a follow up class to Beginning Hoop Dance!

Intermediate Hoop Dance is for any hooper that is looking for a fun and supportive class to learn more tricks and practice finding flow. Moves covered will include:

-Vortex varieties and transitions to off body
-Shoulder breaks, paddling, and stalls
-More off body moves: anti spin, linear isolations, mandalas behind the back
-Sustained spinning
-Jump throughs

This class is geared to those hoopers who already love hooping and have a desire to learn more. Danielle is going to share the parts of hooping that she absolutely loves and considers essential to opening up the world of hooping even wider. Whether you just finished Beginning Hoop Dance and want more, or have been a hooper for several years and want to spend some time diversifying your repertoire, this class is for you. Danielle expects a wide variety of skill levels to come to this class and she will work with you exactly where you are at, and will help you take your hooping further.