Skeleton Circus Spring 2015

One of the few performances I've done improvisationally. It was so cool to share the stage with Jessica and Sophie too!  Photos by Zack Hause.

Skeleton Circus 2014

It was one of those wonderful performances where I felt in flow. Photos by Mick McKiernan.


Mad Circus Gala 2014

From my performance with the amazing Heather Gregoire. Photos by Nadine Nassif, and skeletal makeup by Daniella Echeverria.


Mad Circus Gala 2013

I have been coming to the Barrymore Theater since high school for concerts. What a thrill to be on stage in front of 500 people! Photos by Mick McKiernan.


Hoop Convergence 2013

Another fabulous weekend of learning, friends, and lots and lots of hooping. My batteries are now officially recharged!


St. John 2013

Can't get much better than hooping on the beautiful island of St. John in the Virgin Islands. The most relaxing and beautiful place!


Willy Street Fair 2012

Could not have asked for a more perfect day with more perfect hooping friends. All photos graciously provided by Paula A. White.


Hooping Life Chicago Screening 2012

What a day! Oh to be surrounded by hundreds of hoopers at one of the coolest art spaces in the Midwest. Oh yeah, and the Hooping Life!

Baxter Open Air 2012

Ahhh Baxter. Always just what I need for my hoop dance. And what fun it was to fold! Thanks again for an amazing workshop.


Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society 2012

Danielle, Savannah, and Sarah performed for the Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society. Thanks to Anne Stoelting for these fine photos!


Emma (Kenna Hoops) Workshop 2012

Emma's workshops in Madison completely rocked everyone who came! Thanks to Casey Sisson for most of the photos!


James Madison Kickoff Summer Sunset Hoop Jam 2012

The best part about the summer sunset jam is that not only do you get to hoop, but once a week you get to enjoy the sunset too!


Hoop Convergence 2012

Hoop Convergence was by far the best hoop gathering I have ever attended. Performances, workshops, the renegade show-- I was in heaven.


Madison Luna Breeze Workshop 2012

I never knew I could hoop so well on my foot until this workshop. Also fell in love with hoop mandalas. Thanks Luna Breeze!


Hoop Camp 2011

Magic was in the air at Hoop Camp! I wish I could hoop underneath Redwood trees every day with such wonderful people.


World Hoop Day 2010

Not only did we create 27 hoops to donate, but we danced our booties off to DJ B-Randon all while smiling. Thanks for an amazing jam, Madison!


Madison Hoop Path Workshop 2010

Thanks for coming to Madison, Baxter! We all came out, drenched in sweat, as better, brighter hoopers.


Earth Dance 2009

A dance party for peace, Earth Dance had an energy vibe that kept me hooping all night! Photos by Chris Hoppe.


Wedding Hooping

One of the best days of my life was marrying Robin Lee. And of course decided to hoop! You only get a fabulous dress like that once.


Muramba, Rwanda Learns to Hoop

Introducing the hoop to Muramba, Rwanda in January 2009 was one of the greatest honors I’ve ever had.


James Madison Sunset Hooping 2008

It was windy, but it was worth it. This is one of the first times the Madison hooping group came together.


Willy Street Fair 2008

Nothing can compare with the eclectic Willy Street Fair! Many thanks to Jess Barman and Jess from Minnesota for hooping during the parade!


Hoop Path Retreat 2008

Hosted by the fabulous Baxter and Ann, this weekend opened up a whole new level of hooping for me. All photos were taken by Marta (many thanks!).


HoopGirl Level 1 Teacher Training 2008

It was truly inspirational to work with Christabel Zamor. Her photographer took these great shots.


The Hoopla Rack 2008

For my senior design project as an engineering student. I built a prototype of a rack to carry hoops on a bicycle. And got lucky enough to win several awards!


World Hoop Day 2007

Madison celebrated the first World Hoop Day on July 7, 2007. Hooping at the Capitol, the Madison Children’s Museum, and at Library Mall.


Hoop Travels 2006

Photos from Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, and the Cook Islands. Evidence why a hoop is an essential travel item!


Beginning Hoop Dance Class

Here's what you can expect at a beginning hoop dance class. Photos taken at our former location at Main Street Yoga.